Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do you know My Mind?

Emptyness. Darkness. In front of your eyes, not a sight. Nothing can be seen through the sheet of pitch black. Then you close your eyes, and colours burn inside your head and, oh so slowly, a picture forms. Too normal for it to be a fantasy, yet nothing your living thought can revive from the past. long? One hour? Two hours? It makes no difference, you never remember until much, much later.

Maybe you try to fathom your mind, try to dig up that that is best left buried, hidden under layers of happy memories, sad memories, memories you never want to forget and memories that build your whole life.

You wake up. If you don't remember your sleep, you are spared with ignorance. If you do remember, it haunts you for many days. Then it dawns on you.

You didn't dream last night. You didn't remember your own past. You have seen the future.

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