Monday, 28 December 2009

if you cut me and i don't bleed. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to, you know? i'm sorry. I'm still me below the bruises and scorn. trust me. you have no reason to but if you don't then you won't ever know or find it or understand but i doubt you'd even mind it. i'm sorry. for my mistakes and my success, for everything. i'll tie it up. wind it all up inside. into a small ball. each thread that's been dipped into the mixer. all so fragile. i'll tie them up and they won't bother you again. i'll it inside. i'll fold myself up and tidy it all away. all the mess and messed up madness i've made. all of it. i'll make it better. i promise. i'm sorry. i used to know you so well. maybe i never knew you at all. i think i'll find myself lost in my own home's sordid sanctuary. but what do i know? when the world itself disagrees with my existence, where should i go and what, WHAT do i know? take it all away and i'll stay. i can only blame myself and i'm sorry. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. I CAN'T DO THIS. OKAY?! I'M SORRY.

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