Monday, 30 November 2009

though i can't find the way

everything's okay
because i'll find it someday
i just hope that someday comes one day soon. yeah.

Have you every thought that you might really, really want something? Be so convinced that this is the right direction for you? Know in your very heart of hearts that this one thing will make you happy? and then come to realise that you're just a little kid who knows not what she wants and even less what she needs or even is? My new years resolution shall be to say Hate less and Love more and through doing so STOP complaining. HOWEVER, 2010 is yet to be upon us so I have a whole month to carry on complaining...
I could so go for some strawberries right now...mmmmmmmm i haven't had strawberries since the summer or summat. dang they're good. i'm kind of full of chicken noodle soup right now though so I can't reall eat all that much. shahcker.
do you know what? if i were to add both a G and an H onto the end of my name then it would actually read as Kayteigh (kay-tee) rather than kaytI or Kay-tay. hmmmm. i think kayteigh would be kind overkill. oh well. i'm happy with kaytei, it feels good to write down.


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